State President Salvatore Lanzilotta and the National Delegates from the New York Grand Lodge, Order Sons of Italy in America, have just returned from the National OSIA 51st Biennial National Convention, held at the Hyatt Regency in LaJolla, California.
Congratulations to all the other New York delegates who hold important positions in the Supreme Lodge … Nancy DiFiore Quinn, National Treasurer; Joseph Sciame and Peter R. Zuzolo, National Past Presidents; National Trustees, Marianne Prinicpe O’Neil and Michele Ment; National Foundation Trustee; Edward Innella, Louis C. Ambrosio and Carlo Matteucci; National Arbitration Commissioner Stella Grillo and National Alternate Arbitration Commissioner Nicholas Mauro.  Nancy DiFiore Quinn was appointed by National President DiTrapani as the National Fund Raising Chairperson and Santina Haemmerle was appointed as the National CSJ Chairperson.  State President Salvatore Lanzilotta was appointed as Co-Chairperson of the Supreme Cabinet.  National President DiTrapani also appointed Rev. Adam Forno to serve as the National Chaplain of the Supreme Lodge OSIA.  Fr. Forno will continue to also serve as the State Chaplain for the Grand Lodge of New York OSIA.  Lastly, Sylvia Summa was appointed by National President DiTrapani to serve as the National Cooley's Anemia Chairperson.
It was a week packed full of meetings and break-out sessions and former National President Alfred Affinito conducted informative sessions where many OSIA concerns were addressed.  State President Salvatore Lanzilotta and First Lady Rae Lanzilotta hosted the New York delegates and many brothers and sisters from across the country with warmth and gracious hospitality.  Sincere kudos to New York Hospitality Chairpersons John Quinn and John O’Neil for their care and concern of all the delegates that passed through the State Presidents Hospitality Suite.  As a matter of fact ... we must thank all the New York delegates and their spouses for helping out whenever needed.  You were the best!
During the week, OSIA honored Vince Ferragamo, College and NFL Quarterback with the prestigious Jimmy Valvano OSIA Sports Award.  New York’s own National Foundation Trustee Edward Innella was awarded the coveted 2009 Sellaro Award for his 50 years of dedicated service to the Order Sons of Italy in America as well as his commitment to his community of Port Washington, New York.
During the charity donation portion of the convention, New York OSIA donated $68,000 to Cooley’s Anemia, $14,000 to the Alzheimer’s Foundation, $15,000 to the 9-11 Memorial and $157,131,00 to the earthquake victims in L’Aquila, Italy.  A substantial portion of these disaster relief funds were raised from the borough of Staten Island with the assistance of Staten Island Borough President James P. Molinaro.  Within the next few months, the SIF Foundation will make a determination as to where the earthquake funds will be distributed and we will advise everyone of that decision.  The New York delegation was quite proud of its contributions ... totaling over a quarter of a million dollars ... all donated on behalf of the brothers and sister of the Grand Lodge of New York.

On Saturday evening, a prestigious gala was held at the Hyatt Regency LaJolla where television and film star Joseph Mantegna received National OSIA’s Marconi award in honor of the Italian inventor Guglielmo Marconi.  Mr. Mantegna was lauded for being a strong supporter of OSIA and the SIF and has devoted his time to serve as Master of Ceremonies to the last five National Education and Leadership Awards dinners in Washington, D.C.
The next National OSIA Convention is scheduled to take place in August 2011